This photo should not exist

Once we get past the creep factor of Nazi army uniforms, we see a communications team sending a secret message. They are using the legendary Enigma machine to encrypt the message.

But why, why did that officer allow a photographer to record this highly sensitive activity?

A failure of operational security (OPSEC). Allies in Bletchley Park would have sacrificed lives for this photo, or any photo showing the device in operation.

Sources of the image

The image shows Wehrmacht General Heinz Guderian during the 1940 blitzkrieg. The location is given as “France” and the date is May 1940.

Here’s the color image posted on Pinterest:

Gen Heinz Guderian, WWII Wehrmacht, overseeing Enigma operation, color

Here’s a similar black-and-white image from the German Federal Archives and posted on Wikimedia:

Gen Heinz Guderian, WWII Wehrmacht, overseeing Enigma operation, B/W

So, a photographer took more than one image of this. I wonder if the color image was colorized. If so, the color version may be copyrighted. The Archives provide the black and white version on a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, as described on the Wikimedia page.