From Passwords to Public Keys

Authentication book cover

ISBN 0-201-61599-1, Addison Wesley, 2002.

OUT OF PRINT, some chapters online

Authentication provides a thorough examination of authentication concepts and techniques, from the password systems introduced in the 1960s to the public key systems of today. Each technique is described through diagrams and examples, covering both how they work and how attackers might defeat them. This provides readers with the essential understanding they need to choose the best techniques for their particular situation.

While the book is out of print, there seem to be a lot of copies floating around the used market. A quick survey I performed in early 2021 found a typical price to be $8.00, more or less, including shipping. I also saw copies offered for hundreds of dollars apiece. I assume those were victims of automatic price setting, where a vendor hooked their price to another vendor who was also doing automatic price setting.

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