Internet Cryptography

Internet Cryptography cover

ISBN 0-201-92480-3, Addison Wesley, 1997

Why would anyone buy an ancient book on cryptography?

Here’s why: Internet Cryptography presents crypto from a practical perspective. It explains the underlying issues and mechanisms behind classic Internet security technologies, from SSL to public keys to firewalls. The book is also part of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) used in the CISSP certification examination.

Using real-life case studies, examples, and commercially available software products, cryptography is presented as a practical solution to specific, everyday security challenges. And, much though we might wish that a magic bullet has since solved all of our security problems, many of the things we did in 1997 we are still doing today.

Materials from Internet Cryptography are copyright 1997, Addison Wesley Longman, and are reproduced by permission.