Investigating Domain Names

1. Use “nslookup” or “dnslookup” to look up domain information.

  • Select a domain name associated with a web site.
  • Use the appropriate keyboard command to look up the domain’s IP address. Include the command’s output as an answer to this question.
  • The output must include the numerical IP address associated with this domain name.
  • Capture the output and provide it to the instructor.

2. This question explores domain registration.

  • Construct a legally formatted domain name that has not been registered.
  • Visit a registrar and confirm that the name has not been registered and is available for sale. Print out the information and offer for sale from the domain registrar.
  • The output should show the domain name you chose and how much it costs to register the domain name you chose.
  • Capture the output and provide it to the instructor.

3. Select an existing domain name. Look up the owner’s “whois” record. Capture the output of the “whois” record. The output should indicate the name and contact information for this domain. Provide the output to the instructor.