Public-key crypto email

Find PGP/GPG compatible email client software that runs on the laptop you use in class. This may be an add-on package for your existing email software. PGP became a commercial package, and GPG is free/open source that uses the same types of crypto certificates.

Using your PGP/GPG compatible software, set up a public/private key pair to use in class. Include the email address for email you can send and receive with the PGP/GPG software.

Export your public key certificate and share it with the student sitting to your right in class. (right ->)

Import the public key shared with you by the student on your left (<- left) into your PGP/GPG software. Import the instructor’s GPG key into the software. 

Next, write an encrypted email message. It should contain your name, plus at least one sentence that describes something interesting and/or unusual you experienced in the past week (and are willing to share with the class). Send the message to the student sitting to your left (<- left) using their PGP/GPG email address, and to the instructor.