Online Course in Cloud Security Basics

I now offer an online course on Cloud Security Basics under the auspices of the University of Minnesota and hosted by Coursera. I am still working on three subsequent courses to fill out a 4-part specialization in Cloud Security. I'm looking at online courses as an alternative to writing books.

WPA2 Packet Frame Format

Wireless Protected Access, Version 2 (WPA2) is the version of Wi-Fi security used in most cases today. This diagram illustrates the general layout of the security data used by WPA2. There's a new version coming out, WPA3, but it doesn't seem to be in any products yet. I put this diagram together several years ago... Continue Reading →

Organizing Video Clips for an Online Course

 I've signed on to do a Coursera online course on cloud security. I'll share more details as production progresses. This post contains a few notes on organizing video clips for a large project. The video almost always consists of two synchronized streams: one of my bearded face narrating the video and the other of animated images,... Continue Reading →

Cryptosmith Video Series #1 through #15

I have posted the fifteenth video in the Cryptosmith Series on practical basic cryptography. The video collection falls into three parts: the network crypto introduction, the DVD example, and the public-key certificate discussion. There are also updates to other series videos. They now use the acronym "SSL" a lot more, since people recognize it more often than "TLS."... Continue Reading →

MSSE Cybersecurity Course 2017

Members of the University of Minnesota's MSSE Class of 2017: the cybersecurity course (titled "Data and Network Security" or something like that) is one of your options for next spring. After talking with students in the class right now, I'm posting more information about the class. We had a great time this year. It was a small... Continue Reading →

Adieu, Online School

I have shut down my online school. It was an interesting experience, but not a cost-effective one. Aside from not getting rich from this, it was really boring to administer a testing program. On the other hand, I now know an incredible amount about Moodle, the internationally-popular web service for education. I also know how... Continue Reading →

Reviewer Links for Cloud Computing

Thank you for reviewing Cloud Computing videos! I'm posting draft videos on my Vimeo site. Here is the link to my Vimeo album: Course 1 Videos - Cloud Computing Basics Try using the following links to watch recently posted videos and interactively review them. Vimeo has kindly let me use their 'advanced features' during the month... Continue Reading →

Streamlined NSTISSI 4011 Training Certificate

Cryptosmith Institute now offers a second option for earning an NSTISSI 4011 training certificate: The original option: Complete exams on the 17 chapters in Elementary Information Security plus a final exam covering all material in the textbook. Students who have already taken a college-level cybersecurity course may skip the separate chapter exams and earn the certificate by taking... Continue Reading →

MSSE Cybersecurity Elective 2016

I am offering a Cybersecurity elective for students registered in the University of Minnesota's Master of Science in Software Engineering program. As I described in the class on Friday, the course uses the textbook I wrote and does a lot of lab work with security tools, including Wireshark, nmap, Gnu Privacy Guard, and vulnerability scanning. Here is... Continue Reading →

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