Streamlined NSTISSI 4011 Training Certificate

NSTISSI 4011 training badgeCryptosmith Institute now offers a second option for earning an NSTISSI 4011 training certificate:

  1. The original option: Complete exams on the 17 chapters in Elementary Information Security plus a final exam covering all material in the textbook.
  2. Students who have already taken a college-level cybersecurity course may skip the separate chapter exams and earn the certificate by taking the final exam.

Students interested in the second “streamlined” option must upload a college transcript showing the relevant course before they take the exam.

There is a nominal enrollment fee for the exam-only option: $24.95 if receiving a PDF certificate, and $39.95 to receive a printed certificate (postage included for US and Canadian addresses).

When you first enter, the course will display three activities: Submit your transcript, Test Taking Agreement, and Forum. Once you are enrolled you may use the forum to ask questions or post comments about the test taking program.

The first two activities are prerequisites:

  • Submit your transcript – click on the link, follow the instructions, and upload your transcript.
  • Test Taking Agreement – click on the link, follow the instructions, and agree to the test taking rules.

Once you have completed the prerequisite activities, the Final Exam link appears. Click on that link and take the exam. Once it is complete, the site grades it immediately.

If you fail the exam, you may take it again.

Cryptosmith Institute will be shutting down its online training program this fall. These options are available until the program shuts down. All enrollments will remain active until the program shuts down.