Invoice Phishing Campaign

Phishing email

Here is a phishing email I received today. These almost always land in my junk mail (hooray!).

This particular one encourages me to click on a Microsoft Word file claiming to contain an invoice I should pay. I also received a couple with “.xps” attachments. These apparently make use of printer paper specification files in MS Windows.

According to an article in Threatpost, these may be part of a phishing campaign that uses an unpatched flaw in MS Windows.

A friend apparently clicked on one of those invoices. I had received a similar “invoice” emailed from her, even though she wouldn’t be sending me invoices. Her email may have been sent because she also received one, but clicked on the attachment. The invoice went to a whole set of her friends, including me. I hope her antivirus software is up to date (I told her to be sure and check that out).

The Threatpost article reported on invoices with with “.slk” attachments. These apparently make use of symbolic link files in MS Windows.