NSA re-releases Boak’s Lectures

Boak's History of US COMSECI’m a fan of Boak’s Lectures – they cover the fundamentals of military cryptography just before the information revolution.David Boak developed the lectures for the National Security Agency’s Cryptologic School.

Even though the lectures are from the ’60s and ’70s, they remain relevant to today’s cybersecurity threats. Cryptographic techniques that were classified Secret in Boak’s work are prominent in modern commercial cryptosystems. A sanitized version of Boak’s Lectures (Vol 1, Vol 2) was released in 2008.

I’m happy to report that the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel has released a more complete (less redacted) version. It’s available from the Government Attic.

A less-sanitized version was inevitable. A lot of the redacted TEMPEST material has already been released through a separate article on the subject.

I’ve spent a few minutes skimming the contents. I am seeing a lot more detail about Vietnam-era COMSEC. Sections that were completely omitted from the previous edition are fleshed out in this one.