Free NSTISSI 4011 Certificate

[SORRY – This is posted for historical purposes only! The free certificate is no longer available]

NSTISSI 4011 training badgeIf you have studied the textbook Elementary Information Security as part of a class, or on your own, and did not earn a formal certificate for NSTISSI 4011 training, here is your chance.

As part of our final testing and release, Cryptosmith Institute offers eighteen (18) weeks of completely free access to its new NSTISSI 4011 certification program to a limited number of students.

There are no special prerequisites, no college courses, or class credits.

You earn 12 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours for each chapter finished, plus the NSTISSI Training Certificate after passing all examinations.

The eighteen-week schedule allows you to complete one chapter per week, plus a week for the final examination. This is two 9-week sessions in the new program, offered tuition free.

If you miss this opportunity, don’t panic. The new program is much, much less expensive than our previous programs.

What’s the catch?

Although all materials are ready, they are not all on-line, and we are awaiting certain approvals before the official launch.

Participants may encounter unexpected surprises when completing the exams or navigating the site. We offer free access as compensation for any inconvenience encountered.

Participants must acquire a copy of Elementary Information Security, new or used, paper or electronic, purchased or rented.

Signing Up

You must contact Cryptosmith Institute to request free access. Use the form below to answer these two questions:

  1. Explain why you need NSTISSI training certification.
  2. Explain how you acquired a copy of the book – the book is required before you begin.

If your answers sound reasonable, we will send you the access code. This is a limited time offer, limited to the first reasonable applicants we receive.

Other Bits of Fine Print

Access codes are intended for specific individuals. We reserve the right to revoke free access if the codes are misused.

While we will try to acknowledge all requests, we reserve the right to ignore frivolous requests, spam, and similar wasting of time.

If you need longer than 18 weeks to complete the program, you will need to pay the session renewal fee of $24.95 for another nine weeks of access. We may also provide lower cost subscription arrangements.

Cryptosmith Institute reserves the right to change this offer without notice. We will probably revise this posting to reflect the latest terms and conditions.