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Video Notes

In the decade before cell phones, Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone from the 1965 TV show “Get Smart” was an icon of fictional spy culture.

The radiotelephone crypto device photo comes from Jerry Proc’s “Crypto Machines” page describing the KY-8.

Apple regularly publishes its IOS Security paper online. The video uses the May 2016 edition.

The web site badssl.com illustrates many errors tied to secure web connections. When the company Netscape first introduced its web-based encryption protocol, it was called Secure Socket Layers (SSL). As the Internet community took over the protocol, the name changed to Transport Level Security (TLS).

Find more information about the three crypto and cybersecurity books on line.

Vimeo Description

A brief introduction to the Cryptosmith video series. Video notes:cys.me/vid/c01/

The second video is Eavesdropping on Mobile Purchases vimeo.com/189541035

See the entire Cryptosmith series in its album vimeo.com/album/4229550
For in introduction to crypto basics, watch Grade School Crypto vimeo.com/189517140

Last revision: Dec 29, 2016

Removed materials

The photo of Friedman and Newkirk comes from the US Library of Congress. The photo shows Major William F. Friedman, chief of the signal intelligence, explaining a ciphering machine to cryptographic clerk Louise Newkirk, at the War Department, Washington, D.C. The machine appears to be a Kryha cipher machine (described heremore images here).

Seagate calls its 2016 encrypted hard drive products “self-encrypting drives.” This link should retrieve the page shown in the video (November 2016).