Ethics and Chatbots

I was online chatting at a web site to repair my lawn tractor. Once I finished, I said, "So you're a chatbot. Cool." I'm sure I was talking to a chatbot program and not a human. The reply was a brief but emphatic "No!" I'm not sure how to interpret that. Will a company be... Continue Reading →

The practical digital library updated

A few years ago I moved my private library to the cloud. It uses Calibre to catalog my books, and the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) to provide an Internet-capable catalog. OPDS is built in to a lot of publisher-independent e-reader software. My e-readers can generally retrieve books from Internet hosts that provide OPDS. My... Continue Reading →

Towards a practical digital library

I started collecting digital content in the 1980s. Before that I was satisfied to print things out, bind them, and put them on a shelf. My graduate research produced about three linear feet of printed papers sorted by author. I wrote my first book mostly from printed references, though all the writing was online. When I... Continue Reading →

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