Migration Round Trip

A few weeks from now I'll throw the switch and redirect Cryptosmith web traffic to its new home. For now, cryptosmith.com still goes to the old site, though popular content and the RSS feed go to the new site at b.cryptosmith.com. It's ironic that I'm moving to WordPress. My first site with a modern content... Continue Reading →

The Migrating Web Site

I am moving my Cryptosmith web site to WordPress.com. This will give me a lot more time to work on content while wasting a lot less time on mucking with the site. There are things I love about Drupal, but I hate having to manually replace a bunch of files each time they revise the core... Continue Reading →

A really simple Drupal 7 example module

I developed this module back when I managed my self-hosted Drupal system. Since then I've found that there's more to life than managing your own web site, and that it's cheaper and more effective to do it through WordPress.com even though I retain a fondness for Drupal. Yes, it's ironic that this Drupal example is... Continue Reading →

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