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RAID Backups with Snow Leopard

[SEE UPDATE due to changes in a Snow Leopard patch]

I've finally completed a whole RAID 1 backup cycle with Snow Leopard and I can reliably report on how it works.

The process, when performed reliably, is essentially unchanged from earlier versions of Mac OS X. [Details added 3/4/11].

Specifically, you must never attach an old software RAID 1 drive to the working RAID 1 set. If the set was missing a drive ("degraded") before you attach the  drive, it will treat the new drive as part of the set. THIS IS BAD.

You must always erase a drive's partition header completely before adding it back in to a RAID set. Otherwise it's misidentified as being an up-to-date part of the RAID 1 set even though it may not have been updated in months.

I had thought that changes made to RAID handling in Snow Leopard might have fixed this problem. Nope.

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Mac's Tiresome Software RAID

I'm trying to upgrade to Leopard (or is it Blotched Tabby? I can never keep their kitty cats straight) a.k.a. OS-X 10.5.

When I first got my Mac Pro, I looked at the lovely array of hard drive bays and said, "RAID!"

So I decided to RAID my system drives. Now I'm trying to un-RAID them and use Time Machine, and OS-X is being a pain about it. Actually, the RAID system has been a pain all along (I wrote a bit about this before).

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