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Observations on information security.

Articles and Papers

Here is a list of articles and papers I have produced. Where possible, I include a link to the paper. If there are co-authors, they are listed at the end of the entry.

Note that I'm moving things to the list on my newer site.


This page provides links to the presentation slides for some talks I have given.

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Brief Curriculum Vitae

Richard E. Smith, Ph.D.

E-mail: Updated August 14, 2008

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Brief Resumé

Richard E. Smith, Ph.D., CISSP

E-mail: Updated 14 August 2008

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Observations on Multi-Level Security

Multilevel security (MLS) is an overloaded term that describes both an abstract security objective and a well-known mechanism that is supposed to achieve that objective, more or less.

Click here for a general introduction to MLS.

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Strong Password Policies

(I cheat and make all my computer accounts use the same password.)

- Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

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