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Observations on information security.

Articles and Papers

Here is a list of articles and papers I have produced. Where possible, I include a link to the paper. If there are co-authors, they are listed at the end of the entry.


This page provides links to the presentation slides for some talks I have given.

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Brief Curriculum Vitae

Richard E. Smith, Ph.D.

E-mail: Updated August 14, 2008

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Brief Resumé

Richard E. Smith, Ph.D., CISSP

E-mail: Updated 14 August 2008

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Observations on Multi-Level Security

Multilevel security (MLS) is an overloaded term that describes both an abstract security objective and a well-known mechanism that is supposed to achieve that objective, more or less.

Click here for a general introduction to MLS.

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Strong Password Policies

(I cheat and make all my computer accounts use the same password.)

- Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

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