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Drupal 7 Conversion - Finally!

Drupalcon Chicago 2011Drupal 7 was released for "production" a little over a year ago at the Drupalcon Chicago. Upon returning from that event, I put a week or so into trying to convert from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. This produced a series of disappointed-sounding blog entries as my attempts failed. I kept trying every few months, hoping that a new D7 release, or an improvement in my Drupal skills, would yield success.

I've finally succeeded.

I implemented an AMP stack on my Mac. "AMP" means "Apache," "MySQL," and "PHP;" it required me to install MySQL and hook it all together. Then I moved the laborious conversion process to my desktop. My efforts succeeded a few weeks ago, but I was stymied when I tried to deploy the converted site onto my GoDaddy hosting. I finally tracked the problem down - where else - in the .htaccess file defaults.

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