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Cyber Security Self Study

NSTISSI 4011 trainingI've deployed my training program at

Students can earn CPE credits and a US Government-endorsed training certificate in information security. They study the textbook (Elementary Information Security, of course), discuss topics with me on the book's discussion forums if they want, and take on-line tests on the material. Once they pass all exams, they earn the certificate.

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Information Security Self-Study Program

I am putting together a self-study program for working through my textbook Elementary Information Security. 

When deployed, the program will give readers an opportunity to earn an NSTISSI 4011 training certificate, with the CNSS seal, via self-study. The program will break each chapter into two parts to be studied, and provide an on-line test to verify the reader's awareness of each part. Each successfully completed part should also qualify the student for 3 hours' worth of continuing professional education (CPE) credit. 

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The First Textbook Certified by the NSA

CNSS LogoI received an email this morning announcing that Elementary Information Security has been certified by the NSA's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation program as covering all topics required for training information security professionals. Here is the certification letter.

This is the first time thay have certified textbooks. In the past they've only certified training programs and degree programs.

The evaluation is based on the national training standard NSTISSI 4011. The book also covers the core learning outcomes for Information Assurance and Security listed in the Information Technology 2008 Curriculum Recommendations from the ACM and IEEE Computer Society.

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