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It's Framemaker Month, and its 25th Anniversary

Fellow Framemaker junkies on the "Framers" list have pointed me to a recent and very upbeat posting on Framemaker, which turns 25 this month. Those who are familiar with my work style know that I've been a Framemaker junkie for about 20 years.

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MS Word versus Framemaker

I've been using Framemaker to create large documents for almost two decades. I'm currently participating in an email discussion group of Frame users, and someone asked about comparing Microsoft Word and Frame. Someone else suggested Googling for the answer, since lots of people like to talk about it.

So, here is my own contribution to the question.


Thought provoking polemic on copyright

Apparently someone in the UK has proposed a sort of "three strikes" law - if your household is accused by a copyright holder of illegal downloading multiple times, then the holder can demand removal of the househ0ld's Internet connection.

Cory Doctorow, the author, wrote a polemic about how this reflects on the big media firms it tries to help.

He notes how copyright owners now use "takedown notices" as an extrajudicial form of censorship.

Real-world 'document' encryption

I've been reviewing histories of cryptography recently and here's an interesting thing about pre-computer encryption: it's almost entirely used for communications security. People encrypted messages, but they rarely encrypted documents.

I've finally found a few real-world cases: encrypted diaries. BBC actually did a short segment on them last summer. But I'm still looking - there must be other cases where someone needed to keep some long-term data secret from prying eyes.


OK, I took the Star Trek quiz, following the suggestion of So Says Green Weaver.

I come out highest as Spock, second as Beverly Crusher, though none are as high a match as Green Weaver got.

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According to Wikipedia...

The commencement speaker at the University of St. Thomas today was the recipient of an honorary degree recognizing her charitable activities. As she warmed up her discussion of her work, she felt obliged to define her terms.

"According to Wikipedia," she started to say.

And the senior class of St. Thomas burst out laughing.

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Computer languages and facial hair

Now, here's a really weird idea, that there is a relationship between successful computer language design and facial hair. I can't say that any language I designed ever went anywhere after I was finished with it, even though I've grown a mustache and beard.
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Updating the infrastructure

Blog maintenance is 'easy' compared so some computing tasks, but it's very persnickety and prone to error. I've made a few customizations and I can't wait to see which ones survived the update.
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So Says Green Weaver: Whatever Made Me Think?

This link to the blog entry So Says Green Weaver: Whatever Made Me Think? server two purposes: it lets me comment on my own posting schedule and it lets me try trackbacks.
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