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Internet crypto cracking is no real surprise

Old Lock LogoThe Guardian has recently published a report on how the NSA and the UK's GCHQ have been routinely cracking cryptography used on the Internet. Seriously, this is no surprise. Lots and lots of sites routinely use "RC4" encryption, whose vulnerablility has been well known for over a decade

I also hadn't realized the extent to which American citizens in general are considered "the enemy" by the NSA. Their duplicitous role in Internet standards is breathtaking. It may be the grandest example of social engineering. Ever.

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Penetration via Human Nature

Bloomberg has posted an interesting summary of recent hacker triumphs based on social engineering attacks. The fundamental piece of hard news was that the US Department of Homeland Security ran a test last year in which they dropped CDs and USB drives around near some US government offices. The test detected that 60 percent of these were inserted into government computers.

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