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Trying Disqus

I am tired of doing site maintenance - it gets in the way of things I ought to be doing instead.

The only reason I want users to log in is to post comments. I've decided to try one of these all-in-one comment management sites. I tripped over Disqus a while back and now I'm giving it a try.

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Looking at Lulz

LulzSecI've been looking at the various files LulzSec has uploaded from their victims. These include Sony (several different sites on separate occasions), PBS, the game company Bethesda, Fox TV, Nintendo, and a computer security company called Unveillance. They actually defaced the PBS site, posting a bogus article claiming that dead rapper Tupac was located alive

They also extracted the hashed password file belonging to the Atlanta chapter of Infragard, an FBI-affiliated organization, and cracked a bunch of the passwords. The site is now offline.

My initial impression is that these folks are using some fairly simple attacks, like SQL injection, to retrieve a lot of the data. Note that in most cases they didn't actually deface the victim. I suspect they would have if they could have. Thus, they're taking advantage of the weaknesses they do find.

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Content Management for Dummies?

My son's old scout troop has lost their webmaster. Again. This time I'd like to set them up with something that doesn't require HTML tools and skills. I'm still working on it.
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