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A Microsoft-Centric World

Back in the 1970s when many of us were struggling to free ourselves from mainframes, the mantra in the computing world was "Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM." No doubt Bill Gates was inspired by this to build his own empire. Today, people unblushingly swap "IBM" for "Microsoft" in that mantra.

Since converting back to the Macintosh I've been learning a lot about Microsoft-centric software. Several programs that ran on both systems have essentially withered, especially since the conversion to OS X. I'm most directly affected by Microsoft-centric teams at Intuit and at Adobe.

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Quicken on the Mac - Yes, It's Terrible

I spent several hours trying to convert to Quicken on the Mac. Then I tried using some standard functions. Let me assure you, it's not worth anyone else's time and bother. I'm pretty committed to using my Mac when I can, as opposed to regularly switching to the PC to get the 'real' work done. I read other horror stories about Quicken on the Mac on the Internet, but really thought it couldn't be so bad. I was wrong.

For the record, the latest version of Quicken for the Mac is the '2007' edition, with some downloaded - and manually applied - updates. There are reports of a new program from Intuit to be called "Quicken Financial Life for Mac." But according to fine print on the web site, this is actually "Quicken Lite." So it would seem that Mac users are screwed as far as Quicken goes for the foreseeable future.

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