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Mac's Tiresome Software RAID

I'm trying to upgrade to Leopard (or is it Blotched Tabby? I can never keep their kitty cats straight) a.k.a. OS-X 10.5.

When I first got my Mac Pro, I looked at the lovely array of hard drive bays and said, "RAID!"

So I decided to RAID my system drives. Now I'm trying to un-RAID them and use Time Machine, and OS-X is being a pain about it. Actually, the RAID system has been a pain all along (I wrote a bit about this before).

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Saving Bits Forever with RAID

Thanks to RAID, I've developed a fairly reliable way to store lots of data with minimal risk of losing it all. The RAID mechanism itself deals with the risk of hard drive crashes. I also keep a spare hard drive away from home to reduce the risk of losing everything.
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