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Identity theft, airport security, and coincidences

Airport Screening

OK, my name is Richard Smith, and it's a common name. My wife's name, however, isn't especially common. The combination of the two is even rarer. A party traveling by air matching those two names is even rarer.

It finally happened. Wednesday. Same flight.

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Napolitano Blows It

Janet Napolitano has flubbed her first major event as Secretary of Homeland Security. First, she incorrectly claims that the bomber thwarted on Christmas Day was not on any of the screening lists. Someone manages to correct her, and then today she claims this is a "failure" of the US security system.

She still gets it wrong. The bomber boarded a plane in Nigeria and changed planes in Amsterdam. How are new - and more extreme - physical screening measures in the US going to reduce the risk of a poorly-screened passenger from overseas?

No matter how carefully we screen Grandma when she gets on the flight in Duluth, it's not going to catch a poorly-screened bomber in Lagos.

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