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Cyber Security Self Study

NSTISSI 4011 trainingI've deployed my training program at

Students can earn CPE credits and a US Government-endorsed training certificate in information security. They study the textbook (Elementary Information Security, of course), discuss topics with me on the book's discussion forums if they want, and take on-line tests on the material. Once they pass all exams, they earn the certificate.

The on-line testing is hosted by a testing provider. So far I've deployed tests for the first six chapters: 12 tests organized into 2 "courses." Along the way I've also had to get a private school license. 

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I've been looking for a "from the ground up" IT training curriculum that would make me more marketable with a company like Northrop Grumman. However, I am not the least bit interested in programming, nor do I think I could ever manage in such courses. I have noticed that most all IT courses whether they state it or not (and that is often a devious marketing ploy) have prerequisites in other computer applications and curriculums- with the assumption that one knows algebra and calculus. If that is the case, I would not progress through your program I am sure.  Perhaps rather than simply state that the courses are self-paced, you could also ellaborate on what kind of educational capabilities, computer experience/apptitude is required for one to receive certifications. A lot of people like me who have a BA in Asian Studies and have a forte in writing and geo-political analysis- may lack skills, interest, or potential in programming. Addressing that issue would be very helpful as the subject of Internet Security is not fully understood by the general public.




[Updated Oct 18, '12]

Success in this program does not depend on advanced math or on programming skills. A student needs a basic understanding of how computers work. Some technical material is based on how programs work (instruction fetch, sequencing, variables and code in RAM) but that's as technical as the programming aspects get. There's no requirement to write code.

Also, feel free to register on the web site and to ask questions and/or post comments on the forums.

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