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Information Security Self-Study Program

I am putting together a self-study program for working through my textbook Elementary Information Security. 

When deployed, the program will give readers an opportunity to earn an NSTISSI 4011 training certificate, with the CNSS seal, via self-study. The program will break each chapter into two parts to be studied, and provide an on-line test to verify the reader's awareness of each part. Each successfully completed part should also qualify the student for 3 hours' worth of continuing professional education (CPE) credit. 

The program will be vastly less expensive and more flexible than typical on-line programs, since the student is only paying for the tests. However, the test process will cost some money. The minimum test cost seems to be around $25 (a la carte), making the total program cost less than $1,000, including the book itself.

That's cheap for a genuine NSTISSI 4011 training certificate from a state-licensed school.

State Licensing

Oh, yeah. I'm applying for a career school license from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. I need the license in place before I can actually offer the program, or at least, the fee-charging part of the program. 

Time Frame

I expect to get this program off the ground this summer. All of the license paperwork should be finished soon. I'm told that the license could take as long a four months. I get the feeling that the typical time is perhaps half that.

If things go as expected, then, the program should be running in late July or August.

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