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The First Textbook Certified by the NSA

CNSS LogoI received an email this morning announcing that Elementary Information Security has been certified by the NSA's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation program as covering all topics required for training information security professionals. Here is the certification letter.

This is the first time thay have certified textbooks. In the past they've only certified training programs and degree programs.

The evaluation is based on the national training standard NSTISSI 4011. The book also covers the core learning outcomes for Information Assurance and Security listed in the Information Technology 2008 Curriculum Recommendations from the ACM and IEEE Computer Society.

The textbook is currently available from the publisher, Jones and Bartlett, and I notice that they offer a PDF-ish version as well as the 890-page hardcopy edition.

It was a bit of a challenge trying to fit all of that information into a single textbook, and to target it at college sophomores and two-year college programs. The book contains a lot of tutorial material to try to bridge the gap between the knowledge of introductory students and the required topics.


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