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A Hack at Best Buy?

This morning I received a flurry of unexpected email messages from Best Buy's "Reward Zone," one of those preferred customer programs. I was reading email when the messages arrived, so I immediately tried to log in to the account and check its status. I couldn't log in, so I immediately called Best Buy.

The emails announced that my phone number and email address had been changed. I spoke to a representative on the phone and we went through my record, removing a bogus email address (the domain name had been changed), and a new phone number of 111-111-1111. I said, "This looks really weird. Maybe your site has been hacked."

The rep put me on hold. I tried again to log into my Best Buy account using older credentials, and succeeded. Then he came back on the phone and I asked him, "Wait a minute, how do you know for sure that I'm the right person to be making these changes?"

Although I had called him and described my account, he really hadn't asked me for any difficult information. At that point he requested my membership number, which I provided. He put me on hold again. He came back, thanked me for talking to him about this, and we hung up. Meanwhile, my account was locked.

So, I hope they get their house in order. The site's main benefit is to issue cash rebate certificates. So far I haven't found if the hackers have made off with my certificates.

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