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Macintosh Mail - Please Get Serious

OK, I switched to Mac e-mail last summer on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger, or some other pussy cat). I tolerated the bumbling of the e-mail software since I knew version 10.5 would be out soon, and no doubt they'd fix the lame bits of the software by then.

But I was disappointed. Mail is just as lame in 10.5 as it was in 10.4.

Let me count the ways;

  1. It doesn't listen to its GUI. I have several examles, which I'll include below. Essentially, my desire is simple: if I say I want the software to do something, JUST DO IT.
  2. Reading a message does not, for some reason, clear the "Unread" flag. This is just dumb.
  3. Junk mail: is it an attribute or is it a mail folder? Well, it's both. If something is marked as spam, it seems to be spam even if it's not in the spam folder. If something isn't marked as spam but it's in the spam folder, is it still spam? I would think so, wouldn't you? So why the distinction?
  4. I have about a half dozen e-mail aliases I use for different purposes. I have to set up separate e-mail "mailboxes" for each, though in fact I only retrieve e-mail for 2 of them. The rest are marked "Do not check this mail box." Most of the time, Mail listens to my desires. Once every so often, though, Mail decides to try to read from those boxes, even though they're not fully configured.
  5. The SSL implementation is fragile. First, it can't handle domain names with more than three levels. So, can't be recognized and has to be manually approved.
  6. The SSL implementation is fragile. Second, it seems to fail the first time I connect to some servers that work just fine on the second connection.
Some day I'll switch to Thunderbird. I'm told that you shouldn't switch to Thunderbird because Apple Mail stores messages in individual files - this is good when you use Spotlight. On the other hand, Spotlight is such a ham-handed attempt at global search that I hardly ever use it. When I do, it only wants me to open things even if I just want to find the stupid thing.
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