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Six Minute History of Information Security

I have been reading the ACM's Model Curriculum on Information Technology (a prototype "IT" major) with a special eye towards the information security coverage. I've been teaching information security courses and recently developed a major in the area.

The curriculum provides minimum times to cover major topics in the field, like 3 hours to cover "Fundamental Aspects" including the "history" of information assurance and security. After factoring out the other dozen 'learning outcomes' for that topic, one is left with six minutes to cover the "history" of information security.

So now I'm wondering just what is the six-minute history of information security? At the least, history reflects a series of significant events, so here's a stab at the major events, with a little over 60 seconds to describe each:

  • Invention of passwords and the co-evolution of password hacking with evolving authentication technologies
  • Read-teaming the Multics system, and lessons learned for designing secure operating systems
  • Networking and the first Internet Worm, which led to firewalls
  • The Web, Netscape Navigator, SSL, and e-commerce, leading to widespread crypto applications and international fraud.
  • Worms and botnets, leading to on-line autopatching of Windows and other software.
I'm sure I'm missing something.

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