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More on the Internet Kill Switch

OK, I've calmed down and looked at recent news reports. First, I'm relieved to see that the Obama administration is not in fact behind this nonsense - it's a cadre of clueless US Senators. Second, the Administration is not supporting this nonsense.

An article by Declan McCullough reports on a hearing about the bill. The Administration argues that the 1934 Communications Act already gives them the authority they need. Senator Joe Lieberman is apparently still leading the charge to pass this 197-page bill. Perhaps he hopes that, in an emergency, he can shut down just enough of the Internet to prevent people from laughing so loudly in print about such nonsense.

A guy from Homeland Security testified at the hearing and quoted sections of the 1934 Communications Act, which gives the Administration broad powers in times of war or national emergency. Also, the bill talks specifically about controlling "stations" and such. I'm comforted by specific wording like that. I hate generalized nonsense terms like "Internet Kill Switch."

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