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Vendor Linking

On occasion this web site refers to things available for sale. This includes books I've written, equipment I own, and things I know about. Where practical, I try to provide links to on-line vendors.

I started as an Amazon Associate, shortly after Amazon started the program in the late '90s.

More recently I've signed up with the LinkShare Referral Program, which allegedly pays a commission for sales I direct their way. This seems reasonable: if I steer someone to a particular purchase, then it's reasonable for me to get a piece of it.

For computer equipment and supplies, I generally link to, a company I've used occasionally over the years. My business arrangement with them is purely financial - they'll pay me for referrals so I refer to them. I do not warrant their equipment or services.

I also link to various vendors of books and other media based on their willingness to pay for referrals. If you are looking for the lowest price, you'll have to do your own searching.

I will try to tag or categorize pages that have link referrals, though I'm still trying to choose the best way to do such things.

Link Referrals and Privacy

When this web site passes a link to a vendor as part of the link referral, the only data intentionally included is the text of the link itself. This site does not include user identity, e-mail, or other personalized information.
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